Solihull, UK February 1, 2018 – B2Wise, publisher of the innovative SAAS based Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) solution, has partnered with SHEA Solutions to integrate B2Wise software to Syspro ERP, and promote, sell, implement, and support B2Wise globally to the Syspro community.  B2Wise president, Kevin Boake, believes the expansion is perfectly aligned with the company’s mission to drive dramatic growth through strategic partnerships.  “DDMRP is a fast-growing methodology built on the principle that if you protect and promote the FLOW of relevant information and materials, you will maximise the return on investment,” stated Boake.  “Partners like SHEA Solutions will leverage their global presence to optimize this new technology in the SYSPRO ERP community.”

Chad Smith, partner at the Demand Driven Institute added, “The Demand Driven Institute is excited to see SHEA Solutions and B2Wise partnering to bring the DDMRP solution to yet another segment of the ERP landscape.  DDMRP is rapidly proliferating around the world and this move is another step in our goal to restore the promise of formal planning function.”

DDMRP is a method to model, plan, execute and manage supply chains. It combines elements of MRP, DRP, Lean, Theory of Constraints, Six Sigma with smart new innovations to Position, Protect and Pull inventory through the supply chain.  “B2Wise is the best software solution on the market to help organize visualize and manage their businesses in a demand driven world,” said Jeffrey Hunt, president of SHEA Solutions.

DDMRP is built on the principles that an optimally performing supply chain needs to be driven by the flow of real demand signals and must not allow volatility to be passed up and down the supply chain. The 5 main components of DDMRP are:

  • Strategic inventory positioning
  • Buffer profiles and levels
  • Dynamic adjustments
  • Demand driven planning
  • Visible and collaborative execution

DDMRP gives you end to end visibility of your supply chain from both a planning and execution perspective, allowing for metric alignment across departments and business hierarchies.

SHEA Solutions Inc.

SHEA Solutions is a global provider of ERP, BI & Analytic solutions, Sales & Operations Planning, and Cloud Infrastructure.  Our experience with hundreds of clients across North America, Europe, and Asia for over 20 years ensures customers maximize their operational improvement. SHEA Solutions has delivered outstanding results in Aerospace, Defense, Distribution, Food Processing, Advanced Manufacturing, Financial Services, Transportation, and the Public Sector.


B2Wise is a global leader in the development of demand driven software.  Our software DDMRP compliant software is changing the way organisations plan and radically improving the performance of their businesses.  B2Wise operates in the UK, France, South Africa, and the United States, and partners in other countries with approved partners.

Demand Driven Institute

The Demand Driven Institute is changing the way businesses plan, operate, think and evolve.  Every business has a choice; continue to operate with rules, metrics and tools developed more than fifty years ago or make a break from convention, recognize the complex supply chains we live in and make a fundamental change in the way it does business.

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