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Most organizations are recognizing that moving towards being a more data-driven firm has all kinds of benefits, most prominently the making of more informed decisions at all levels of the organization. Business Intelligence offers great rewards, but it requires a high level of expertise. At SHEA, we have a team of highly skilled Business Intelligence specialists ready to help you achieve your BI objectives.

Our Business Intelligence services range from the most technical (Data architecture, database design, ETL optimization) to the most strategic (predictive modeling, analytics, scorecards), to everything in between.  From a simple project, to a complex data warehouse, we have the people and resources to create a superior solution for your organization.

Our BI Services Include:

  • Data Architecture
  • ETL
  • Data Governance
  • Database Design
  • Data Warehousing/Data Marts
  • Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Dashboards and Scorecards
  • Predictive Modeling

We have domain expertise in the following Verticals:

  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Food Processing

Our consultants are experts in the use of a wide range of Business Intelligence tools. We would love to speak with you about how we could help you meet your business objectives through the strategic application of Business Intelligence.


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The Power BI cloud service works together with Excel to provide a complete self-service analytics solution. With Excel for authoring reports and Power BI for Office 365 for sharing them, everyone in…

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Marine Atlantic Case Study

Marine Atlantic is an independent Canadian Crown corporation whose mission is to provide a safe, environmentally responsible, quality ferry service between the Island of Newfoundland and the Province of Nova Scotia in a reliable, courteous and cost effective manner. Marine Atlantic’s fleet transports hundreds of thousands of passengers and tens of thousands of tons of goods each year, providing a lifeline for those who depend on it for timely delivery of food, medicine, and many other necessities. Read the full case study.

PDF document available

Challenger Motor Freight

Challenger Motor Freight Inc. is the largest privately owned truckload carrier in Canada and the fifth largest trucking company in the country. It has built a reputation for the highest standards of safety, and it relies heavily on detailed driving records to highlight its success in this area. However, with data stored in different systems across the organization, Challenger employees found it difficult to get the consistent and accurate results they needed to build reports. After reviewing several business intelligence solutions, Challenger standardized its business intelligence (BI) analysis, visualization tools with ProClarity® and platform on SQL Server software. Working closely with SHEA Business Solutions, a Microsoft® Certified Partner, Challenger implemented ProClarity, SQL Server, and the Microsoft Office system. Challenger is now able provide customers with tailored reports and employees can access information in real time. This helps them make key decisions in a matter of hours, not days. Read the full case study.

PDF document available

Canada Cartage

One of the largest and most experienced trucking solutions providers in the country, Canada Cartage needed to set itself apart from a host of new competitors. The company called in Microsoft® Technology Partner SHEA Business Solutions and implemented Microsoft SQL Server® database software to serve as the foundation for a new customer service and internal report-generation system. Now customers can get details about their shipments, which enables them to operate more efficiently. And Canada Cartage’s managers can access company details faster than ever, facilitating the decision-making process. Employing standard Microsoft technologies, the company saved money and kept service costs in check. The new system also operates as a platform for the business intelligence and customer service enhancements that Canada Cartage has planned for the future. Read the full case study.

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The Importance of Clean Data (Part 1 of 3)

Our first podcast explains what BI is all about and we explore the definitions to the common buzz words and jargon that are used. We also establish a roadmap for companies that want to get into BI in their own organizations. SHEA Business Solutions, Virtual Logistics and Maps BI have partnered to produce a four part podcast series on Business Intelligence.

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The Importance of Clean Data (Part 2 of 3)

Our second podcast goes through the systems required for BI, the importance of data cleanliness, and the importance of good integration touch points including APIs.

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The Importance of Clean Data (Part 3 of 3)

Our third podcast goes through the importance of data cleanliness, and data’s importance as a foundation of sound BI. We discuss the following topics; Data quality as the underlying foundation for getting started in analytics and business intelligence. Common errors that are found in poor data. The importance of taking data and master data management seriously.