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Dash DDX Document Management Software Experience the Power of Paperless

Large companies know the value of managing their documents: they use document managment software to help. They have no problem spending large amounts on their document management systems. Dash’s DDX is targeted at small and medium size companies and offers most of the “big league” functionality & features at a fraction of the price – and it’s much easier to use. That’s true value that gives you what you need at a price you can afford.

Dash’s DDX delivers cost effective, “green minded” Document Management software – including automated delivery and archival of your valuable business documents. With DDX you deliver and find documents better, faster and with less effort – reducing costs, boosting productivity, improving communications, and increasing profitability.


Just print and go. DDX automatically indexes and archives the documents that your Business system produces daily – such as invoices, purchase orders, drawings and more. At the same time, DDX delivers those same documents to your trading partners by fax, email or distributes to one or more printers, speeding commmunications. It even links with popular office programs like Microsoft’s Word and Excel.Of course DDX’s Archive also supports almost any type of file, including scanned paper documents.


Create Delivery Preferences for each customer, vendor or other destination: They receive their documents the way they prefer – and all automatically. DDX takes care of it for you.

With DDX Document Management, you can focus on the things that need your attention. Work Flow in DDX takes the place of your in-basket: automatically routing your documents for review, approval, comment, etc. Your documents are never lost, and are always available to all who need them.


In addition to hands-off delivery, DDX gives you lightning-fast access to all of your vital documents. Your users can easily add to the archive or search, re-print, email and extract copies of previously archived documents.

Administrative features give you total control over who has access to what documents, and how they view them. Set options to control Security, Revision Control, create new Views and document types. You can even use it to create custom views for Work Flow, special organization and other unique needs.


Integration with other systems is a real DDX advantage – enabling you to pull together various types of documents from many sources into one coherent group. DDX is pre-integrated with SYSPRO® and Microsoft Dynamics – and can be integrated with your system too. DDX is also easily integrated with any Windows application or Business system – most often without any programming. With Dash’s exclusive ddxPort Form Recognition you can now automate delivery and archival of virtually any structured form, from any system, as quickly and easily as printing.

With the optional DDX App you are connected to your documents from virtually anywhere on the planet. With the DDX App, you gain mobile document viewing with blazing fast search capabilities all in a browser. The DDX App is built to make friends with all your devices – iPad, Android tablet, Mac and PC. Best of all, documents archived in DDX are only a click away, with the same Views, Search and Security that is already built-into DDX.


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