26063-17m73m1DemandWorks announced today the general release of Smoothie Mambo Version 9.2.

Third in a Blockbuster Series

The late-summer release of Version 9.0 was a huge success. Not only was the quality and performance our best ever, but nearly all customers who upgraded had positive things to say about the enhanced deployability and ease of use.

Last month, important globalization enhancements were released in Version 9.1. Users throughout the world can see dates and numbers in their preferred formats. A growing number of multinationals customers have users spread across the globe and this feature allows users to work in their local formats. Native importing and exporting support for Oracle databases was added.

What’s in Version 9.2?

Users really liked the 3-panel view that was made possible by the split history and future sections of the “demand” and “finance” tabs in Version 8. In Version 9.2, we made it so you can toggle between 2-panel and 3-panel views, and it’ll save your preferences in both configurations. Plus, since the charts don’t have as much display space in 3-panel mode, we added an optional “zoom” feature so you can toggle away titles and legends to see more of the chart itself. With Version 9.2, we also added an ability to drag-n-drop attributes in the hierarchy selector, making it much easier to switch hierarchies. Lastly, you can now copy a single cell and paste values into a selected range.


Smoothie Mambo Version 9.2 is available now. Contact SHEA for assistance in making this upgrade..

If you’ve already upgraded to Version 9, then the only thing you’ll need to do to update your server is to run the installer. If you’re on an earlier version, instructions are available on the portal, or we would be happy to help. If you have questions or need assistance, send an email to support@demandworks.com.