25426-1t0g8ciWhen it comes to managing your business documents, there is no doubt that document management software can greatly improve your business operations. Companies large and small from around the world use document management software on a daily basis to save time and money, achieve fewer errors related to document processing, and increase the level of communication within an organization.

By avoiding the costs of document copying, document distribution and document storage, organizations have reported saving 10% in operational expenses over the past 12 months simply by implementing document management systems. These companies also spent half as much to capture a document as organizations without these systems in place.

Companies that manage their documents electronically are able to scan and capture documents 65% faster than companies without these tools and their employees spend 2 hours less per week searching for the information that they need. This is valuable time saved that can be allocated to other business activities. Time can be saved by eliminating the need to search through physical copies and then sorting them in an organized fashion. Also, these systems increase the speed of businesses processes such as when a final document must travel through the hands of multiple individuals in order to gain approval.

Lastly, document management software can reduce the amount of errors related to document processing and improve collaboration within an organization. Organizations reported 30% fewer errors when processing documents than other organizations without such a system. These organizations also better allow their employees to work together on projects and share information.

The possibilities are endless for implementing such a system and in this day and age where technology plays such an important role in everyone’s lives, it makes sense to start going paperless and enjoy the benefits that such software can provide for you.