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Manufacturing Systems’ products have been designed to meet your needs, and our people understand how to make them work for you so you can get on with reaping the rewards of a more profitable business.

COLLECT® Warehouse Management
Most ERP systems were not designed to deal with the complexities of the warehouse and supply chain. Our system provides the functionality to support warehouse management within your existing ERP framework. COLLECT WMS will meet the challenges of your simple to complex warehouse management needs while preserving your existing financial investment in business software.

COLLECT® Advanced Ship

Some customers whose needs do not warrant a full WMS still need advanced functionality in terms of support for picking methods,  document preparation and real time integration to carrier systems. Advanced Ship provides the same shipment capabilities found in our WMS without requiring the implementation of our full WMS.

COLLECT® Shop Floor Data Collection
COLLECT® SFDC was designed to gather shop floor related data at point of source and feed this data in almost real-time into your ERP system. As the data is collected, it is validated against the ERP system before updating so that data is accurate as well as timely. Material Movement, Material Counting, Purchase Receipts, Returned Materials Receipts, Time & Attendance and Labor entry, Issues to Work in Process and Work in Process Receipts are all supported. COLLECT® Advanced Ship can also be used with COLLECT® SFDC.

MSC Advanced Services
In some industries ERP systems need to communicate directly with machine data or PLC’s. These could be counting devices on production lines, scaled for weighing production or shipments, or devices that capture data such as torque delivered to a bolt by serial number.


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Our ERP (“Enterprise Resource Planning”) Practice is our oldest and most developed market segment. For nearly 20 years, we have helped companies manage their businesses effectively through the…

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