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Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is an integrated business management process through which the executive/leadership team continually achieves focus, alignment and synchronization among all functions of the organization. S&OP planning includes an updated forecast that leads to a sales plan, production plan, inventory plan, customer lead time (backlog) plan, new product development plan, strategic initiative plan and resulting financial plan. Plan frequency and planning horizons depend on the specifics of the industry. Short product life cycles and high demand volatility require tighter planning than steadily consumed products. Done well, the S&OP process also enables effective supply chain management.

S&OP Planning can reduce costs, increase revenues, and improve customer service.

In support of our S&OP Practice, we have many tools at our disposal, including budgeting tools, activity-based costing solutions, and Planning and Forecasting Services.


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It’s time to move beyond spreadsheets and formulas. Budget Maestro budgeting and planning software products let you concentrate on the structure and performance of your business, not on…

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Demand Works offers desktop, server, and cloud options for forecasting. You can forecast on your own desktop with imported Excel data, or involve the whole team with our server-based solutions.

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Live or Die Lean

Meeting customer demand especially is important when health care facilities rely on your product to perform lifesaving procedures. In the past, Conmed leaders had achieved operational efficiencies with a lean manufacturing initiative. To further level production, optimize inventories, and fine-tune demand-flow rates, executives decided to enhance their sales and operations planning (S&OP) process. Read the full case study.

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Revolutionize Your Budgeting and Forecasting Process

It’s time for a cool change. Revolutionize your budgeting and forecasting process with amazing results. A WebEx presentation of Budget Maestro software.

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