SYSPRO ShopClock captures employee time quickly and accurately in real-time using touch screens, keyboard, or scanning technology. This allows improved accuracy in job costing, employee productivity tracking, and better management of shop floor resources as well as providing the critical link between the shop floor, SYSPRO Factory Scheduling and your payroll system.

ShopClock tracks employee time on jobs/operations from work stations on the floor or office. ShopClock data is validated against SYSPRO’s Work in Progress (WIP) module and posted in real time. ShopClock also tracks non-job activities such as attendance and non-productive time, and can be used to kit issue material straight from the shop floor.

The on-screen “Window of Time” Gantt chart provides executives, sales staff, and shop floor supervisors an up-to-the-minute view of the shop floor. The bars on the Gantt chart are color-coded and grow dynamically to give real time feedback.

In SYSPRO and ShopClock, the “Shop Floor View” displays an image of your own shop floor environment overlaid with your work centers showing real-time updates of activity across your floor. A separate Administrator Console allows you to manage supervisory activities in ShopClock

ShopClock delivers a full range of flexible set-up options to match your SYSPRO WIP environment as well as your labor rules and policies.


The benefits of SYSPRO ShopClock

  • Easy to deploy with a choice of data collection devices
  • Excellent production status visibility with the capturing of labor on job/operations in “realtime”, providing:
    • Updates automatically and instantly posted to WIP
    • All data validated instantly against WIP
    • Supervisor’s secure editing of postings
  • Capture labor on any non-job activity in”realtime” with complete visibility:
    • Post to a job as non-productive time or straight to a GL expense account
    • Capture “Time & Attendance” data at the door in real time
  • Visualize who is working on what job number, or non-productive activity using the Shop Floor view of your own environment
  • On-screen dynamic “Window of Time” Gantt chart
    • Up-to-the-minute “view” of the shop floor
    • View by job, employee, work center, non-productive codes, or user-defined groups
  • Clocking “on/off” is fast, dependable and easy to learn with suggested jobs list by employee work center

SYSPRO ShopClock features

  • Choice of data collection devices from PCs with scanners to Touch Screens
  • Tailorable data entry prompts:
    • Employees only get asked questions you want
    • Filter jobs by work center
  • Deployment of “Window of Time” to SYSPRO’s “Executive View” for:
    • Senior managers doing a virtual walk-around
    • Customer service reps talking to customers
  • Multi-lingual in English, French, Spanish or userdefined
  • “Shared clocking” for working on several jobs at once
  • Extensive “Shift Rules” can be easily defined and copied:
    • Set default labor rates (e.g. regular vs. overtime rate)
    • Enforce arrival/departure leniency rules, coffee and meal breaks
    • Ability to set employees to be active or inactive
  • Shop Floor View picture of your own shop floor environment:
    • Add SYSPRO Work Center labels over each area on the picture
    • Can also be deployed in Executive Dashboards/Custom Panes in SYSPRO
  • Administrator Console allows the management of supervisory activities in ShopClock:
    • Set up shifts, employee groups/labels
    • Enable/disable clock on/off questions
    • Manage and correct transaction errors

Audit Trails and Reporting

  • Key labor times and accounting data all reside in SYSPRO WIP – ShopClock keeps detailed transaction details in SQL tables
  • Full posting to correct accounting periods – Supervisors can edit time transactions with security password authorization
  • Detailed before/after audit log of any change
  • Standard reports for Absent/Late Employees and Employee Time Transactions
  • Ability to re-post failed transactions in the Management Console

Integration with SYSPRO

  • Embedded SYSPRO e.net Solutions runtime license
  • Dynamic real-time integration with WIP
  • Optional Inventory integration to perform Material Kit Issues


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Business Intelligence - the motor behind your business
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