Strategy Companion


Strategy Companion is a business intelligence software developer focused on delivering the best analytics solution to the market. Their goal is to combine industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver ground breaking analytics to decision makers. They pride themselves on listening to our customers’ needs and implementing functionality to fit an ever-changing business environment.

Analytics in an Instant

Your organization has a mission. To accomplish this mission you need to make well informed decisions quickly. But with an ever increasing amount of business information, scattered across your organization, your ability to connect to all that data has become increasingly more difficult.

With Analyzer, users are able to make a real-time connection to their data and create reports, visualizations and dashboards to help them make better, more informed, faster decisions from wherever they may be.

Information you never knew you had, at your fingertips


Bright ideas for business intelligence

Business Intelligence

The success of a business depends on management having timely, accurate, and actionable information. At SHEA, we can help your firm make better decisions through the strategic deployment of Business…

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Information you never knew you had, at your fingertips
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Marine Atlantic Case Study

Marine Atlantic is an independent Canadian Crown corporation whose mission is to provide a safe, environmentally responsible, quality ferry service between the Island of Newfoundland and the Province of Nova Scotia in a reliable, courteous and cost effective manner. Marine Atlantic’s fleet transports hundreds of thousands of passengers and tens of thousands of tons of goods each year, providing a lifeline for those who depend on it for timely delivery of food, medicine, and many other necessities. Read the full case study

Information you never knew you had, at your fingertips
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